Monday, January 28, 2008

More Kueh Bangkits!

made kueh bangkit again! this time using freshly squeezed coconut juice and more pandan leaves. and whole the kitchen was filled with the pandan fragrance when i was frying the tapoica flour.

mama bought a new heart-shaped cookie cutter. nice :)

this one tasted better than the previous one :)


Piccola said...

Your kueh bangkits looks good! nice handy work on the pinching :)

Edith said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Like to read your baking adventures.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Nice! You are very good at pinching. I found pinching is such a tedious job and not easy too. Most of mine I left it plain...hahaha...lazy me!

ting said...

Thanks piccola for dropping by :) Have a try at making this if you have the time :)

Hi precious moments, I'm a frequent visitor of your food blog! Great cooking skills you have :)

Hello little corner of mine, thanks:)Yea i agree it's really tedious..but I'm glad to have my mama to help me out with the pinching! Else I'll be lazy too..haha :D