Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Strawberry Yoghurt Cake

something i did pretty long ago but never had a chance to upload. blogger has been cranky. not sure if it's the same for you?

anyw i did a strawberry yoghurt cake with cranberries added.

it turned out really soft and moist..

but i cant rmb where i got the recipe from! gosh. maybe when i rmb i'll post it up here :)

Potato Chips Cheese Cookies

before baking!

i made these supposedly addictive cookies last week, taken from aunty yochana.

i modified the recipe a little, used ruffles cheddar cheese flavored potato chips instead of plain mister potato chips. and for everything else i used the same ingredients.

but somehow i was a little disappointed with the taste...althou the cookies were really crispy and crunchy, i felt that the cheddar cheese and potato chips flavor were not distinct at all :( what a waste!

scoop scoop scoop; nicely shaped!

since it was too late to make new changes or decide on a new recipe (cos the cookies were for almond as a farewell gift the very same day), i had no choice!

so sorry almond! haha next time maybe something better ;)

hope all's well for you so far!

and thanks for the seafood platter meal at fish and co. that day. yumm.

the picture quality in this post is really bad, forgive me! cos i took them with my hp :(

good meal!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Durian Puffs

my first attempt at making choux pastry; pretty satisfied with the end result. at least it managed to remain puffed up even after taking it out from the oven. the only thing is that i felt it was a tad too hard. i'm not sure why also; probably gotta do with the temperature? cos i'm pretty sure i followed the recipe exactly! i'll probably try doing it a few more times since it's so easy to do ;)

i stuffed fresh durain puree into the choux pastry. yes fresh durains - no cream or sugar added! just the natural taste ;)

generous filling!

nice ;)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Butter Cookies with Choc

i did this over the weekend. made 2 different variations - for one, i just drizzled choc randomly and the other was choc sandwiched in between. i adapted the recipe from aunty yochana; original recipe is called Polos. i added some ground almonds in there. simple and nice ;)

messy messy!

this is like a mini 'burger' haha.

was supposed to be brought to his sis's place, but it turned out that we din go in the end. so he brought everything home instead!

on another note, commencement is coming soon..got mixed feelings about it. but anyw, i'm still looking forward to that day!