Sunday, January 6, 2008

A New Year With Oreo Cheesecake! Happy 2008!

the past week has been spent with him at his house and these few days i just feel the urge to bake cos the hols are coming to an end! so i've really been on a baking spree~~

i really enjoy the entire process of baking and i think it's amazing how you put together a little of each ingredient and ta-da out comes something completely different and pretty :) haha. how addicitive baking can be.

to celebrate the new year i thought i'll just bake something for him and his family. and since oreo cheesecake is one of his favorites i decided on it. this oreo cheesecake recipe was adapted from alex goh's recipe - temptation oreo, taken from his book entitled "joy of making cheesecakes". and i say this is a must try cos it's really so simple unlike other oreo cheesecake recipes i've seen. the ingredients are simple and the steps are easy to follow. you can prepare this in about two hours i guess. and it's the baked version if you are wondering.

i had a young assistant that day! the kids of the korean neighbours popped over that morning and so i assigned her tasks to do since she was so enthu about helping me :)

drove to his place in the afternoon. haha and cos i was in a hurry i skipped quite a few of the cooling steps. left the cake in the oven for about twenty minutes then i took it out le supposed to leave in there to cool for one hour! haha. and haven't even applied the choc ganache so i brought the ingredients to prepare over there. so the cheesecake was still warm in its tin when i brought it over. haha and i was shocked when she was so anxious to cut the cake into half to leave for my family! then had to tell her cake needs to be refrigerated for at least five hours first then apply ganache then wait for one hour. haha *faints right. yeah the waiting time is long before you get to finally get a mouth of it!

ermm and i think we din wait for five full hours before applying the ganache haha. his mama said she shifted the cake up to the freezer halfway through so should be fine. okaes so we proceed to prepare ganache. his job was to lick away the remaining choc hahaha. no lar he shared some with his bro. the entire cake was transformed from ugly duckling to a swan immediately after the choc ganache coat was applied!!! see the pics :)

now the verdict! and yes an hour later we cut the cake to serve. his comment was that the cheese layer was too thin biscuit layer too thick and he showed me some uneven parts too. opps haha. the cake tin is not right but i only have this bigger version so the cake turned out to be slighter lower in height. his mama says it's...NICE! and it was then that the three of us sat down at the dining table that night chatting. for the 1st time. hehehe.

jenda - my assistant for the day! she's measuring the oreo biscuits for the base. and removing the cream at the same time.

crushed oreo cookies mixed with butter to get a crumbly-like texture.

oreo cake base.

beating the cream cheese mixture.

throw in about 12-15 pcs of quartered oreo sandwich cookies.

the ugly duckling haha :D

ta-da the pretty swan!
he had the honour of making the first cut!

he said it's not bad for a 1st try :) :) :)

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