Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pineapple Tarts

pen and paper ready to record down the step-by-step recipe!

his mama was kind enough to pass me her secret recipe for pineapple tarts which he is so full of praise for. haha and she showed me the whole process personally :) and yea it's yummy! it's the covered up kind which is rarely seen nowadays and the pineapple filling wasn't too sweet at all.

and guess what. we baked them on the night straight after night cycling. imagine how shag the two of us were! but many hands make light work! it took the three of us about 3 hours to finally get to savour our first bite...and those 3 hours included the cooking of the freshly grated pineapple too! see the pic on the left.

see those anxious hands of his ready to attack the flour mixture! in the end he got pushed away cos he didn't know how to knead properly haha.

so many hands!!!

ta-da! buttery dough-like thingy.

we actually 'toasted' them in an oven toaster cos the oven wasn't working. haha so some turned out burnt but could still be eaten. brought the remaining ingredients home to bake cos i had to rush to take the last bus! they turned out in a lovely golden colour when i baked them in my oven :)

hmmm do they resemble pineapples? he says they look more like beetle insect! all ended up in his stomach anyway! haha. we actually use a pair of scissors to cut those flaps out. then egg wash to get the nice colour.

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