Friday, January 18, 2008

Birthday Fruit Cake!

peaches and cherries fruit cake

the bday girls! forced by bean to wear those party hats haha.

happy birthday ching man, bm, fong yee and kit! CBLC had a four-in-one celebration for the four january babies. glad they liked the cake!

it was my first time frosting a cake with cream haha. it was indeed highly challenging i must admit. baking the sponge cake was simple BUT when it came to preparing the butter cream and the whipping cream for decoration purposes, the whole kitchen was in chaos!!! haha. i wished i had more hands!

choc sponge cake

and i was so afraid that the cake would turn out to be disgustingly ugly. and since it was the birthday cake for four people, i simply couldn't screw this one up! i was rather satisfied with the end product. all thanks to the coloured rice and fruits which helped to cover up all the flaws hahaha.

had this small little tub of leftover whipping cream filling for the cake and i brought it along to school. and i didn't expect them to like it so much haha. including him who enjoyed it alot :)

i still have to improve on my words writing and decorations on the cake thou.


steph said...

hi, im steph, a 15 year old singaporean girl living in melbourne. im want to bake this sponge cake fore my mum's birthday, can u please share this recipe? anyway, wats the difference between fresh cream and buttercream? is it ok to put freshcream on the whole cake then decorate it with fruits? if so, how to make fresh cream?
please help!! Thanks

ting said...

Thanks for dropping by!
I don't have the recipe off hand now, let me search for it and i will post it up. In fact, a simple sponge cake recipe will do. I used whipped cream to sandwich 2 layers of cake with fruits and also covered the entire cake with whipped cream. Just go to the supermarket and get whipping cream which you will need to whip till you see soft peaks. Use an electric mixer so it's easier. I feel that it's alot easier to prepare than buttercream but you've got to be careful of the whipping. Don't over-whip or it will curdle and turn into butter.