Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kueh Bangkit

i've long heard of this being a tough one to make but i'd always wanted to try baking it. and i was lucky to find a step by step guide at Little Corner Of Mine. but i modified the recipe a little. those tips and feedback by bakers who have made them before really helped! so it was a breeze making them :) alot less tedious than making pineapple tarts!

it's crispy on the outside and melts in the mouth!
fried the tapioca flour with pandan leaves to give them an extra flavour.

the perfect dough! not too wet and not too dry.

i'm ready!

roll them out.

cut out nice shapes with cookie cutter.

and there you go! mama helped with those pincher designs! nice:)

baking in process.

fragrant cookies! a good attempt :)


Little Corner of Mine said...

Your KB looks really pretty! Not too difficult to make right? This is one success story!

ting said...

Hi there!

Thanks! It was easy cos your step-by-step guide was very helpful:)