Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Can Cook too!

for a special ocassion, i cooked a simple meal for him. there was pizza, grilled fish, fried rice and mushroom chicken soup. haha ok excluding the mushroom soup cos i bought the canned one.

he had duty that day so we had the meal in school! haha it was a surprise cos he didn't expect to have such a sumptuous lunch when he asked me to just da-pao lunch for him.

the grilled fish was nice! very simple to cook too. just marinate the fish in oyster sauce, soy sauce and black pepper then grill in the oven with finely chopped garlic. the fish is the one wrapped in the foil in the pic above.

the pizza, on the other hand, was a little soggy by then.

the fried rice was rather unusual. i added his favourite braised peanuts and diced water chestnuts. and some carrots and mushrooms; then cracked an egg in there too. and finally topped the rice with fresh crisp lettuce. healthy eh :)


Anonymous said...

that's so sweet of you. (:

ting said...

hi jiaying, thanks:)