Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Simple Dinner...

last saturday i had a simple dinner at home. didn't plan to go home for dinner initially cos i was out with him. so it was a last minute thing to go home for dinner. he came along too. haha just didn't have the mood to shop plus i think it was raining heavily too.

called home and mama and sis only planned to have jap sushi rice balls for dinner. but since we had the glutton over too, we had to have more food haha! mama is always amazed at how much he can eat. so everytime when he's around there's bound to be more than usual amounts of food ;p

yea so anyway we had rice balls - one seeweed flavor and the other was salmon flavored; i made salad topped with home-made croutons! the croutons were actually toasted cream cheese bread which i baked the day before, then cut into small cubes. we had chicken paus too.

the rice balls were a little on the salty side so we ate it together with the salad :)

and not the forget the oven-grilled potato chips i prepared which didn't taste very good. i wonder how do i make them crispy without deep-frying?

the chips! opps i was a little too generous on the black pepper haha :D

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