Sunday, March 2, 2008

Red Bean Soup

red bean soup is one of my favorite! made them yesterday and i added red dates and dried longans into the soup as well.

the beans took quite a long time to cook thou. but it turned out yummy:) the sweetness was just right and the beans weren't overcooked either. maybe the dried longans added to the sweetness cos i didn't add much sugar!

and red beans are good for health!

"They are good sources of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper and thiamin. They're also an excellent low-fat, low-calorie source of protein and dietary fiber. Red beans also contain phytonutrients that may help prevent chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer."

and you'll be surprised they're so easy to prepare.

a nutritious bowl of red bean soup!


red beans
red dates
dried longans
rock sugar

boil everything together on low fire! quantity of ingredients added is based on agar-ation haha :p


古墓街第7号當鋪 said...

Wow...REd Bean Soup.
Reminds me those day when i was in kindergarden. The teacher always served us with Red Bean Soup as Breakfast. ><

ting said...

hello jeromefo,

yea red bean soup is really simple to prepare yet delicious! i wouldn't mind having it with every meal haha :p thanks for visiting anyway!