Thursday, March 13, 2008

i'm back!

i'm back! haven't been updating this blog and sad to say i haven't been baking too :( been really busy with school the last week!

but i've managed to tide over the first round of deadlines and tests! yay! and i'm having that strong baker's itch to get back to some baking real soon :p next up will be birthday cakes which i'll be baking for the cblc march babies. so watch this space for updates! i'll be baking them tomorrow. so wish me luck :)

and i haven't forgotten about bake-me-happy! we recently got a new canon ixus digital camera from the IT show over at suntec last week. it was a really good buy :) and this also means better and sharper pictures for bake-me-happy!

i made avocado milk shake last weekend. the avocado which papa bought back from indonesia was good! i added low-fat fresh milk together with the avocado flesh and some ice cubes, then blended them together. i usually add some choc chips into them as well..which of course tastes alot better. haha but i was too lazy to even take them out from the fridge. a healthier version of avocado milkshake then! and if you do not already know, avocados are known to be super health foods! high in polyunsaturated omega 3 fatty acids which is good for the heart :)

the fruit!

ready to be blended

and there you go! it's really simple to prepare this :)

he's been coughing for a long long time. almost a month i think. and this almond apple herbal drink cooked with dried tangerine is said to help cure the cough. mama bought the dried ingredients for him which he brought home for his mama to cook. i personally hate almonds! so i really can't stomach this entire thing, let alone the smell of it! on the other hand he loves it! especially the almonds cos of their crunchiness! so much for a herbal drink right. lucky for him it doesn't taste like some bitter disgusting medicine. he is on his route to recovery:)

actually it's not that bad...looks appetizing enough!

the cough remedy!

this was his supper! little cook mushroom vegetarian premium noodles is different from the instant noodles we usually expect. the kinds where we expect little fake slices of crabstick, air-dried green beans and dried shrimps. and nothing fresh.

this one has this retort pouch which stores cooked mushroom, fungus, gingko and peanuts pre-cooked in this oyster-like sauce. yupp so it feels like you're really eating this wholesome meal. the retort pouch is really amazing! but of course it's more pricey than usual instant noodles! you pay for what you get!

looks good right?

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