Friday, March 21, 2008

Cocoa Puff Cream Cake II

suqi came over to my place last weekend to learn how to make cocoa puff cream cake. since she's never had any luck in baking and cooking, plus she doesn't have an oven at home; she asked me for a simple cake which she could do for a friend's birthday.

and yes it's got to be the cocoa puff cream cake! If you have read my previous post, you would know how easy it is to make that cake.

so...we got down to buying the ingredients for the cake and made the trial version at my place.

haha a few kitchen mishaps here and there. we seemed to have butter fingers that day ;p but nevertheless, it was a huge success! then again, i don't think it's possible to go wrong with this one haha.

that's suqi applying cream over the biscuits.

oh this was slightly different from the previous one. we applied choc ganache over the entire cake for this one. handling the choc part was quite a bit of a mess but it still looks good i think!

covered with choc ganache!

we cut the cake at night and suqi loves the cake! the choc made it even more yummy :) she was rather amazed at how those few biscuits could turn out so good. enjoy the pics :D


Little Corner of Mine said...

This cake is so easy to make, I need to try it next time. I like this decoration better and chocolate makes everything taste so much better.

ting said...

hello little corner of mine,

yes you really should try making this cake! it's so easy and nice :) yupp and the choc version was yummier!

can you get khong guan biscuits there?

Anonymous said...

Im amazed by your blog! haha. Ur such a baker... bf is really lucky can. =)
Ur blog makes me hungry lor..haha. Take care.. meet up soon =)

ting said...

heys girl! haha thanks for dropping by:) hurry meet up then i can feed you with some of my baked stuff!