Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My CNY Reunion Dinner!

this is a long over-due post haha. but anyway i managed to capture the spread i had during reunion dinner. i actually had two reunion dinners - the earlier one with my maternal grandparents cum relatives and another one on CNY's eve with the paternal side of the family. and as usual, we had our lau hei :) enjoy the yummies!

we had the reunion dinner at my house for the maternal side of my family...

we had this big fish! mama sliced the meat and we cooked it in steamboat.

2 steamboat pots and lotsa food!

yu sheng! this one was bought from sakae sushi.

grandma cooked this vege dish - 'gua cai'.

the usual steamboat ingredients and alot more food haha :p the one with the lid still on has abalone hidden inside! haha :p

over at the paternal side of my family; we had a scrumptious meal too...

we also had yu sheng! lau ahh :D

fishballs, mushrooms, tofu stuffed with meat, scallops, cuttlefish...

nasi briyani from my grandparent's malay neighbours. they give that to us every CNY; so nice of them :) we had ngoh hiang too! and alot of pig's innards which i don't eat. haha and i wonder why are they such a delicacy?!

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