Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mousey Pineapple Tarts

have a mousey lunar new year!

it's the year of the rat come this lunar new year! haha came across aunty yochana's blog where she created the golden mouse pineapple tarts. they were so cute! so i drew inspiration from her and created mine too :D

but mine just doesn't seem to look like a mouse! haha some think they look more like pigs!!! enjoy the pics :)

used black sesame seeds for the eyes. then created the ears and tails by using scissors to cut some dough out.

my platoon of mice :P thanks to sis who helped me out!

preparing the pineapple filling from scratch was sheer hard work. i made them the night before and my arms ached just from de-skinning and grating of the pineapples. and i stood awake in the middle of the night stirring and cooking the grated pineapple filling.

my version is less sweet cos i didn't add much sugar. i think the natural sweetness of the pineapples would suffice :) and it's healthier too!

going to let cblc peepz try some on mon! so far feedback has been good :)

haha i wanna laugh when i see this.
yea they really look like pigs!


Anonymous said...

hi ting,

Thumbs up!! you did a wonderful job on the mice. Keep it up!!

Haapy chinese new year to you and your family.

rgds.Aunty Yochana

Little Corner of Mine said...

What a cute mouse! A lot of work put into shaping those mouses. Bravo to you!

ting said...

Hello Aunty Yochana, thanks! I hope to shape them better the next time round haha :) Happy lunar new year to you & your family too!

Hello little corner of mine,
yea it was alot of hard work shaping them. But I had fun :) Happy chinese new year to you and your family. Say hi to your kids :)