Saturday, February 9, 2008

Almond Cookies

haha yea those pineapple tarts weren't my last CNY bakes afterall. i baked these on the first night of CNY since relatives were coming over to my house on the 2nd day of CNY for visiting.

after a whole day of CNY visiting i wanted to bake something simple yet delicious. found this recipe on aunty yochana's blog. it's really really easy to bake these almond cookies, not energy and time consuming at all. and what's more, they taste great, with the melt-in-the-mouth feeling too :)

basically all i did was to measure everything and mix them together in a large bowl till i get a dough. then divide the dough into equal portions which are then rolled up into balls. egg wash and off they go into the oven.

oh yea i cut down quite alot on sugar (from 150g to 115g of caster sugar) and they turned out fine, just nice in fact :) cos my family doesn't really like sweet stuff! so it's up to individual preference!

this recipe is definitely a keeper! a must bake!

xin nian kuai le once again!


Anonymous said...

Hi ting,

Gong xi fa cai....

Yes, your cookies looks so delish. I like the way you put in all the photos. Good idea to bake it the day before your guests are coming. Cookies kept too long normally loses it's taste.


Anonymous said...


Did you mix it with a mixer or can i just use a wooden spoon?


ting said...

Hi Anonymous,

You can mix it with a wooden spoon or even your hands. Good luck :)