Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fruit Cake With Rum

made this fruit cake weeks ago. fruit cake with rum is one of his favourite; he loves anything rum haha. and it's my first time trying this. hope it tastes good :)

fruit cakes actually taste better the longer you keep them; and especially so if you drizzle rum on the cake everyday! what you will get is a rich and flavoursome cake.

to get a light and fluffy cake i beat the egg whites till stiff peaks form

i soaked the raisins and mixed fruit in rum for about two weeks to plump them up; doing so enhances the rum flavor too!

then kept the cake wrapped up in cling film in the fridge for 2.5 weeks and drizzled rum on it everyday.

yay just in time to pass it to him for CNY!

nicely wrapped up :)


shiyan said...

Hey Ting! You've got a nice blog. I really enjoyed reading and looking through the pictures. Thanks for the many many pictures. Keep them coming k?

Nice cake!! Fruit cake definitely makes a great gift. Yummy and keeps well. =) BTW, do you really drizzle rum over it everyday? I was just wondering if the liquor taste will be too strong cuz I do mine once a week if I make fruit cake. But I guess you will only know it after it's being eaten hor?. Heez.

ting said...

Hi Shiyan,

Thanks for visiting my blog:) Yupp I drizzled just a tbsp of rum on the cake everyday. For a period of two weeks and it tasted good! The liquor taste wasn't too strong at all. Haha but the cake turned out to be very very heavy!

I added a generous amount of dried fruits, raisins and black currants and cut down on the sugar so the cake wasn't too sweet at all!

dappy said...

you are so patient!

your boy is lucky~ hehe~

ting said...

hello dappy,

Thanks! It was worth the while :)

Hong 阿豐 said...

Woh, seems like this fruit cake need some to prepare and wait before ready to be eat ^^

ting said...

Hi Dolphing,

Yea this cake takes lots of time to prepare..wanted to prepare for CNY this year but simply no time!