Sunday, June 14, 2009

Double Choc Cake

i finally did some baking!

i've been enjoying myself so much ever since the exams were over.

and i'm so glad i've graduated! woohoo ;p

we had a mini gathering at my prof's house yesterday. and i baked a double choc cake; something easy and probably wun go wrong after having not baked anything for soooo long.

i was really nervous when the cake was in the oven haha.

yea it was successful! a super chocolatey cake adapted from M.eats. reduced the sugar as usual, and omitted the choc chunks and instead did a choc ganache coating on it. glad everyone loved it :)

apple/mango strudel and doughnuts courtesy of shinhui!

we all had a good time and i'm glad our relationship with each other doesn't cease with the end of final year projs and dreadful labs ;p

on another note, i'm really lucky to have had dr zhao as my fyp supervisor! hope everything goes well for her as she takes on her 2nd batch of honours students next semester ;)

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