Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Guys ;)

to wenphei, lung kwan and kang,

happy birthday ;)

it was my first time making such a huge cake. a mango chiffon cake covered with whipped cream and topped with mango and longans.

and i've got to admit chiffon cakes aren't easy to make. after subsequent failures :( some parts of the cake was actually hollow for this one opps! and since i had no more time to make another cake, clever me went to patch up those hollow parts with this.

but anyhow, it turned out decent enough ;)

at least kit volunteered to finish up almost a quarter of the cake. haha. give me face!

happy birthday guys, tis' probably the last cake i'm gonna bake for 17th mc.

to cblc's 17th main comm:

thank you for being my guinea pigs for the past year (and being my biggest sponsors! haha), giving me excuses to bake amidst my stressful final year undergraduate life, appreciating my amateur baking skills haha ;p and watching me improve with every bake? haha or is it!

bake-me-happy wouldn't have had been so lively and merry without you guys! cheerios :)

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