Monday, March 16, 2009

Baked Tapioca Kueh

baked tapioca kueh today! mama bought 3 large pieces of tapioca from the market yesterday. yea so this morning she told me to use them all up by baking something.

so i found this recipe from Hugbear's blog. she has 2 variations of this tapioca kueh, one with just white sugar added, another one in which she adds gula melaka (palm sugar).

of course the gula melaka one caught my eye. she mentioned that replacing some of the white sugar with gula melaka gave a more fragrant kueh which was indeed true. in fact i replaced all of the sugar with gula melaka!

grating the tapioca was real hard work. haha my arms were aching halfway through ;p and all that hard work didn't even give me enough tapioca for a full recipe. i had only about 700g of grated tapioca ( after draining off the juice). the recipe calls for 1 kg!

this was hard work!

in a bid to make this healthier, i replaced all the coconut milk with fresh milk. and also cut down a little on the sugar. i guess it would have turned out more fragrant if i used coconut milk instead. but oh well, shall save the calories and cholesterol on this one! afterall tapioca itself is a healthy treat :) i think mine turned out pretty good too!

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Anonymous said...

Only animal products contain cholesterol. Plant ingredients do not. Just so you know!