Friday, May 2, 2008

Choc Durian Mousse Cake

hello! i'm back :p happy labour day to all!

well...exams aren't over for me yet. one final paper next monday. but my major papers are done. yay! took some time to bake this choc durian mousse cake today. he had a hand in this too haha. with that extra help from him this cake was done in about two hours plus.

i've always wanted to try baking a "spike-d" look-a-like cake which is sold at big o. it's a dome shape cake with durian mousse sandwiched in between really thin layers of sponge cake and covered with choc ganache. i've got to say it's really heavenly!

aunty yochana has tried to create her own version. i adapted her recipe but made mine into a normal round cake. i think it's gonna be really messy if i were to make them into little dome shaped cakes. haha too delicate to handle!

the verdict? yummy! but more durian puree would have been better. haha the more the better! i did my best to slice the sponge as thinly as possible and i managed 5 layers in total. will experiment more with this recipe. hopefully it'll be as good as big o's ;p

spreading the mousse


i did some simple pipings.

tada. a little uneven thou ;p



Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks good and I bet it tasted delicious! This kind of cake take out a lot of time, hard work man! But the result was rewarding.

ting said...

Hello lcom,

Yupp durian lovers would surely love this :) it's very rewarding indeed!

Aunty Yochana said...

Well done Ting!!

thumbs up.


ting said...

Thanks aunty yochana :)

Rei said...

Hi Ting, looks yummy. Gimme durians anytime! :D

ting said...

Hi rei,

Yay! We're the durian lovers haha ;p