Thursday, May 8, 2008

Green Tea Buns

i made green tea buns with red bean and green tea paste today. i needed to use up the red bean paste i made recently since they don't keep very long. filled the remaining buns with left-over green tea paste in the fridge.

these buns are a healthy treat cos the red bean paste is oil-free. cooked entirely with water! and i made them into mini bite-sized buns with a generous amount of red beans haha ;p

i got the recipe from here. thanks to aunty yochana again :) i halved the recipe and omitted the bread improver. shaped them into smaller sized buns too.

freshly baked

red bean paste filling

green tea paste filling

and to all...

stay happy - smile always :)


Anonymous said...


My first visit here. I read your green tea jewels, green tea chiffon cake and then the pictures of these buns really caught my eyes. Are you a fan of green tea stuffs ? I'm a big fan of green tea stuffs ~ cakes, breads, ice cream, candies, etc. Your buns look so good, as nice as those in bakery. Wish I can grab some

ting said...

Hello chumpman,

Yea i like food with green tea in them, and also considering the great nutritional value of green tea itself :) Thanks for your compliments!