Thursday, May 8, 2008

Banana Leaf Glutinous Rice Roll & Green Tea Daifuku

i prepared two items for a bbq at his house yesterday. met up with friends before we leave for the US this coming monday - for three whole months! *to suqi and kah hui: thanks for coming. hope you guys enjoyed the food ;p

right now, i'm really excited for the trip. haven't started packing yet...will get started tomorrow. yupp a little last minute but i've already gotten most of the stuff i need.

since i'll be away for three long months, i've been trying to use up some of the baking stuff which can't be kept for long.

anyway, here's what i prepared for the bbq yesterday.

glutinous rice roll wrapped in banana leaves

there were three different fillings - sambal haebee hiam, pork floss and cheese with mayo. haha trying to be creative here :) i got the glutinous rice recipe from little corner of mine. for the sambal haebee hiam, i just fried some dried prawns with sambal chilli then added some sugar to it. glad i had positive feedback from those who tried it.

nicely wrapped up - ready to be barbecued!

cheese with mayo

pork floss

sorry...didn't manage to get pics of the sambal haebee hiam one!

next up, green tea daifuku; also known as mochi. the dough was really sticky. you've got to ensure your hands, table top, and utensils are well dusted with corn flour. i referred to little corner of mine and wf's pure enjoyment for this recipe. both are quite similar and wf has provided some useful tips on making the mochi.


Unknown said...

I love glutinous rice and mochi! yum..

ting said...

Hello Emily,

Thanks. I hope to try other flavors of mochi next time :)