Thursday, April 17, 2008

Banana Yoghurt Bread

No school for me today :) So i got up early in the morning, with hands itching to bake. i got this yoghurt bread recipe from KWF's blog. i am really satisfied with the results. the bread turned out soft and fluffy. i following her hand kneading instructions here. it's really useful, especially since i do not own a bread machine. so all the kneading has to be done by my kenwood chef mixer and my HANDS! haha. it was really tough but it was all worth the while after seeing the final result.

some food photography here as well. i'm beginning to take interest in food photography as well :) i read about it some time back and learnt quite alot of tips from there. so i have been experimenting with my camera on how to take nice pictures of my bakes.

i shall let the pictures do the talking ;p

shape dough into smooth round balls

after the 2nd proof

egg wash; sprinkle with sesame seeds and melon seeds

nice brown colour


and fluffy


do give this recipe a try ;p


KWF said...

Well done, ting! glad you like the bread and glad the kneading pics help you too. :)

ting said...

Hi WF, thanks for your kneading pics :)it really helped alot!

Anonymous said...

my bread making always fails!

yours looks lovely by the way~ (:


ting said...

Hi Jiaying,

Keep trying :) Mine didn't work out in the past either! But I'm really satisfied with the bread this time round :D