Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mixed Herbs Wholemeal Bread

this is a sequel to the the previous banana yoghurt bread post. in addition to that, i baked this too! also another recipe from kwf's blog. the bread didn't rise to as high as i wanted it to be. i baked it with the lid on, thinking that i could get a square loaf. but well, here's what i got :)

i added some chopped walnuts into the dough while rolling it up into a swiss roll.

the bread was soft but did not turn out as fluffy as wf's :(

so the winner for that day was the banana yoghurt bread. haha ;p


Little Corner of Mine said...

Breads look good, rise so high!

ting said...

hello lcom,

Thanks :) I'm on a bread-making spree haha ;p