Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wholemeal Cinnamon Rolls

i got a little high on baking the other day...

haha. sequel to the banana yoghurt bread and the mixed herbs wholemeal bread, i baked these cinnamon rolls too.

got the recipe from an ikea leaflet. replaced the plain flour with wholemeal flour and bread flour. the final product was rather dense. perhaps i shouldn't have replaced the flour. and maybe i shouldn't have 'crowded' them all together. not very sure if it will affect the proofing?

i spread the dough layer with butter, cinnamon, brown sugar then sprinkled mixed fruits on it.

the cinnamon smell was great though.

it wasn't a very successful bake i guess. notice how the standard of my bakes deteriorated as i proceeded. haha. packed most of the baked stuff for giveaway. it was way too much food ;p


KWF said...

Don't be discouraged, ting. Some recipes will work for us, some will just be a good experience. :)

ting said...

Thanks for yr encouragement wf!