Thursday, August 27, 2009

Durian Crepe Cake

we celebrated Jess' 21st birthday last friday at my place. had a simple bbq together with all her friends and the cblc peeps. good to see all of them after a long time :) and the food was good too!

baked this really challenging durian crepe cake for her birthday. the cake may look just plain simple and normal, but i tell you, it was sheer hard work! standing in front of the stove making layers after layers of crepe, and failing at the first 3 layers cos the pan i used wasn't non-stick. and i kept thinking i didn't add enough oil so i kept trying and then failing. zzz. so dumb! until i changed to another pan and each crepe came out perfect! :) awesome!

i think i managed to get about 20 layers in total. considering that i wasted some. haha i really scrimped on the batter to get really thin slices.

managed to get durians the night before at marine parade. phew! and they were pretty good too.

the choc layer could be omitted but i thought it would be more appealing to the taste buds. but i guess it would be as good without it too.

the recipe was obtained from florence's blog. find it here! i was more generous with the durian filling and added more than what she used, and used lesser whipped cream too.

to jess: wishing you an early happy 21st birthday! may you be happy, healthy and pretty always :)


Jessie Lim said...

Thanks niang! I love the cake alot! :) very yummyyy <3

ERON said...

Hi Ting,
Was looking for crepe cake recipe and saw yours. I would say it was nicely done. Could you share the recipe? Florence has recently blocked her blog for invited readers only. So I have no chance to get the recipe from her blog. Appreciate it if you could share. Thanks a million...