Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Potato Chips Cheese Cookies

before baking!

i made these supposedly addictive cookies last week, taken from aunty yochana.

i modified the recipe a little, used ruffles cheddar cheese flavored potato chips instead of plain mister potato chips. and for everything else i used the same ingredients.

but somehow i was a little disappointed with the taste...althou the cookies were really crispy and crunchy, i felt that the cheddar cheese and potato chips flavor were not distinct at all :( what a waste!

scoop scoop scoop; nicely shaped!

since it was too late to make new changes or decide on a new recipe (cos the cookies were for almond as a farewell gift the very same day), i had no choice!

so sorry almond! haha next time maybe something better ;)

hope all's well for you so far!

and thanks for the seafood platter meal at fish and co. that day. yumm.

the picture quality in this post is really bad, forgive me! cos i took them with my hp :(

good meal!


Justin said...

i got excited when I read the subject of this post, but i'm sorry to hear they didn't turn out so great!

ting said...

hi justin,

yea what a waste it didn't turn out as good as i thought :(