Monday, July 6, 2009

Butter Cookies with Choc

i did this over the weekend. made 2 different variations - for one, i just drizzled choc randomly and the other was choc sandwiched in between. i adapted the recipe from aunty yochana; original recipe is called Polos. i added some ground almonds in there. simple and nice ;)

messy messy!

this is like a mini 'burger' haha.

was supposed to be brought to his sis's place, but it turned out that we din go in the end. so he brought everything home instead!

on another note, commencement is coming mixed feelings about it. but anyw, i'm still looking forward to that day!


Yaya N said...

Hello!I'm yaya.

wow! I'm so amazed to look through our blog, the cookies and cakes look very delicious. ^__^

anyway, can I ask a recipe for this entry? can't stand it!

ting said...

Hi Yaya,

Check out this link for the recipe:

Good Luck!:)