Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

here's wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year of the ox! good health, good luck, good fortune, good relationships and a better economy ahead :)

this year i didn't bake the usual CNY cookies. so no pineapple tarts, kuek bangkit, etc...yea too tedious and i had too little time for those :( my final year project presentation took place about a week plus just before CNY.

in fact i baked these cookies just 3 days ago! haha but it's good too cos it's fresher this way. homemade cookies usually can't be kept for long.

these cookies took me a whooping 6 hours to prepare; really tiring but so satisfying! yea but i really dread the washing and cleaning up after baking.

i have finished giving everything out! to my friends, sis's colleagues, grandparents, his family and some to my neighbours. wished i had baked more cos there wasn't really enough to go around.

back to my bakes, i made cornmeal cookies, cheese sticks and crunchy oat delight. both the recipes for cheese sticks and crunchy oat delight are taken from aunty yochana. do check out her cake index for these recipes!

out of the three, i think the cheese sticks was the winner. yum! very savoury, loved the cheesy taste and it was something different from the usual CNY cookies :) received many good reviews for it too!

cheddar cheese sticks

healthy crunchy oat delight - has cocoa crunch and quaker oats in the cookie!

cornmeal cookies - something different as well!


Anonymous said...

hey gal this website is really awesome.. didnt know u can bake so well.. i feel like devouring on those lovely pastries now... when can you teach me haha? intending to make this a small business?

ting said...

yo lynn! i just emailed u the other day but yr mailbox is full ;p i'll treat u to some home-baked goodies when I have more time to bake.yea if i could, i wanna open a cafe :)