Sunday, November 9, 2008

3 min Choc Cake!

amazing isn't it? in 3 minutes you can actually make a cake that's so choclatey!

i made this for suqi's bday a few weeks back when she bunked in with me in hostel. haha no choice cos the oven isn't working and the only thing i've got in the kitchen is the microwave oven and the stove.

yea so this is a really ideal ;p

i sprinkled some icing powder on the cake and presented suqi with her birthday cake! awesome :)

i guess this would also be a good supper treat (a little unhealthy thou haha) since it only takes 3 mins to make! and the ingredients are really simple too.

i got the recipe here!

pardon me for the lousy picture quality cos i took them with my handphone. the cake looks so much better in real!

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