Sunday, August 17, 2008

Banana Cake

this weekend, i baked a banana cake!

we had lots of over-ripened mini bananas at home. they were given to us by a japanese friend who bought them from m'sia. yupp so i was tasked with baking a cake to use them all up.

and it's great cos over-ripened bananas are ideal for making banana cakes!

and so, i headed over to aunty yochana's site and found a well-reviewed recipe. mine looked different from hers thou. i see none of the black stripy thing in my cake. (actually i see some!) haha i guess it's because of the kind of bananas i used.

the cake turned out really soft and fragrant :) and i brought some over to share with my korean neighbours.

Banana Cake
Adapted from Aunty Yochana's Banana Cake.


180 gm. Butter
155 gm. Fine sugar
2 nos. Extra large Eggs - beaten lightly
250 gm. Cake flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. Bicarbonate of Soda
220 gm. Bananas - mashed
50 gm. Dairy whip cream
2 bananas - slice


(1) Cream butter and sugar till light and creamy.
(2) Pour in eggs gradually and beat till creamy.
(3) Add in whip cream, mashed bananas and mix well.
(4) Add in cake flour, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda and beat for a while only.
(5) Pour into an 8" round tray, and arrange sliced bananas on top.
(6) Bake at 175C for about 50 to 60 mins. or until cooked.


Anonymous said...

Hi, would you mind giving out the recipe please?! i always fail making the banana bread like yours. mine is always non-crispy on top ={ if you could help me that'll be great! thankss

ting said...

hello meimei,
this is actually a banana cake. the top isn't exactly crispy ;p perhaphs from the pic it looks crispy! but anyways, have posted the recipe for your reference :) i adapted it from aunty yochana's banana cake.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much! =]