Monday, March 2, 2009

Chocolate Pie Topped With Fresh Fruits

it has been a long while since i last baked! the last post was on chinese new year goodies in fact - a month of baking hiatus :( i'm telling myself to bear with this last lap of my fyp. before i stop going to lab, i need to get some decent results. most days are spent at lab, otherwise at lectures or tutorials and weekends are when i catch up on lectures...that explains the lack of posts and energy to bake.

this weekend, however, i made an exception! which i'm glad i did :)

this recipe is adapted from Williams Sonoma's book, titled Pie and Tart. my auntie gave us the entire series of his cookbooks and i think they are awesome. very clear instructions and easy to follow steps, plus many helpful tips!

the original recipe actually omits the fresh fruits and it calls for a whopping 5 egg yolks! which turned me off a little, imagine the cholesterol in there~

in the end i used Godiva hazelnut chocolate spread as the choc filling. since it was a little thick i placed it over a double boiler and added some butter and milk to it to get a smooth consistent texture :D

i spreaded some raspberry jam on the base of the tart

added some macadamia nuts into the choc filling

i had a hard time peeling of the layer of skin off the tangerines, and gave up at some point haha

it's the bday month and this cake has been specially made for the 3 bday babies - shuyun, ben and kenny! happy birthday to all! and not forgeting aaron and jeanbean, happy birthday to you guys too ;p


AC said...

Thank you YT! :D Unless i get to eat this delicious cake...if not i am going to be grumpy the entire week...

ting said...

hello AC! too bad all is gone, mostly in jess's stomach haha ;p

chumpman said...

You made me really hungry and drool in this rainy and cold Saturday afternoon. Godiva ? My favorite brand. I better go and make myself a cup of hot choco with marshmallow and claim down a bit (blushed)