Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oreo Cheesecake

baked an oreo cheesecake for teng yong's birthday and jessie's early birthday celebration.

and we also had cblc orientation that day for the new members who are joining us this year :)

anyw jessie turned 20 last sunday; so here's wishing the girl a happy birthday!

there they are!

i got this receipe from alex goh's fantastic cheesecake. i've tried it once and i think it's a really easy to make cake. something like a mix and bake cake, no hassle! oh yes, i omitted the oreo biscuits in the filling cos i ran out of them haha. only enough for me to make the base! i used buttercream for the deco, but still needs lots of improvement ;p but i'm happy thou, haven't really played around much with buttercream before this.

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