Sunday, December 16, 2007


yay! i've finally gotten myself a blog for my baking escapades. been thinking of setting up a blog for a long time but never really got down to doing it. but today as i was looking through my daily dosage of food blogs with envy (again!), i just thought today shall be it!

it's the school holidays and i've already started baking. and i've captured a few photos too. can't wait to post them up :)

i guess having a blog to see what i've baked and the process of it makes it all the more memorable when i look back at it. bake-me-happy - featuring my baby steps in my baking journey.

and perhaps one day...mugger's inn? haha a dream come true.


Dappy said...

i really enjoy reading your adventures on baking! (:

your boy seems like a real big eater~ hehe.. linked you up and going to follow you on your baking trail~ (:

ting said...

Hi Dappy,

Thanks for linking me up! It's my pleasure :) But I couldn't find your blog eh...

Haha yupp he's a really big eater, but he's lucky to have a high metabolic rate ;p